Individual Therapy & Counseling Services

I am dedicated to helping people better understand themselves, others, relationships, and how to be successful, happier, and more fulfilled in their lives.


While many of my clients attend sessions in-person at my office in Miami, I also provide a full range of psychological telehealth, teletherapy, and tele-assessment services.

I have 3 general areas of expertise:

“If you are looking for a skilled and experienced mental health professional to help you in better understanding and addressing many of life’s challenges and problems, I am here to help.”

Dr. Blackgrove

Individual Therapy & Counseling

Individual therapy and counseling services are geared towards each client’s unique issues and needs. None of us came with an owner’s manual for our minds, and psychologists have been working on providing tools and techniques for gaining greater control of our thoughts, feelings, and behavior for over 100 years.

Couples & Relationship Therapy

Couples, relationship, and family therapy services are focused on improving understanding and functioning within interpersonal, family, and romantic relationships using a variety of models to help couples and individuals achieve more satisfying relationships and to be more connected partners.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological testing and assessment services are geared towards answering important questions regarding intellectual capacity, child development, academic performance, neuropsychological functioning, psychological functioning, diagnosis, treatment planning, career interests, and more.

Virtual Office

Dr. Rob offers a full range of telehealth and teletherapy services, including therapy via video connection, or audio, as is feasible and clients prefer.

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